Binance Gift Card 250$ USDT (Global)


Before Buying Check the region of the card, If you bought the wrong region of the card no refund can be done its your own responsibility.







Binance (USDT) 5 USD Gift Card – Digital Code

Binance Gift Cards offer a unique and convenient way to share cryptocurrencies with friends and family. These digital gift cards are designed to simplify the process of gifting digital assets. Each card can be customized with a personal message, making them ideal for special occasions like birthdays and holidays or as a way to introduce someone to the world of cryptocurrencies. Bag the Binance (USDT) 5 USD Gift Card today to get started with your journey into the world of cryptocurrency!

Binance Gift Cards

  • Binance Gift Cards allow users to gift cryptocurrencies easily and securely.
  • Customizable with personal messages for special occasions.
  • Supports various cryptocurrencies.
  • Ideal for introducing newcomers to cryptocurrencies.

Activation Guide

  1. Purchase Card: Choose the desired cryptocurrency amount by buying a Binance Gift Card.
  2. Receive Code: Upon purchase, a unique gift card code is generated.
  3. Share Code: Send the code to the recipient via email, text, or in printed form.
  4. Redeem Code: The recipient enters the code on Binance to add the cryptocurrency to their Binance wallet.
  5. Track Status: Both sender and recipient can monitor the gift card’s status for added security and transparency.